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The COPD Patients Leadership Council, comprised of leaders of support groups of all levels, is designed to provide a forum for the leadership of ALL COPD support groups to work together for the benefit of the COPD patient. The Council is set up to recognize that each group has it's specific place, be it educational, political, advocacy, support or rehabilitation. 

It is our firm goal that each group (both offline and online) can work together in harmony. By so doing, we will be able to assist all groups in their separate goals of helping the COPDer have a better quality of life.

All visitors are welcome to browse the following:

  • The Members Directory, which is divided into 2 categories, provides an overview of each group and the services offered. 
    • The National & International Directory lists the larger support groups.  These groups are usually Internet accessible, and often are multinational in their scope.
    • The Local & Regional Directory lists support groups. Though smaller in size, these groups often offer weekly or monthly gatherings and an opportunity to gain local contacts.  The may also have Internet accessibility.
  • The Calendar of Events lists all special COPD related events such as conferences, regional, national and international meetings, seminars, educational days etc.    For local "ongoing" events such as meetings and lunches etc, please refer to the information provided by the local support group which can be found in the Members Directory.
  • The Speakers Directory lists individuals who are available to speak to groups of all sizes about COPD and some of its related issues.  Raising public awareness, increasing the role of Patient Support groups and helping slow the increase in numbers of those afflicted with this disease through education and example can be accomplished by "spreading the word" at such places as:
    • Schools
    • Support groups at local hospitals
    • Large nursing homes and care centers
    • Clubs and Organizations that are looking for speakers
      • Business clubs
      • Social clubs
      • Seniors clubs
      • Youth organizations
    • Better Breathing Clubs

For  the COPD support group:

  • The Members Area includes:
    • An Email List-server which provides an email resource to keep all members current on COPD related matters.
    • Listing in the members directory with comprehensive information for the COPD Patient about the support each organization provides.
  • A plain (white) copy of the Events Calendar which can be embedded into member's website to help increase knowledge and awareness.

The COPD Foundation sponsors this site to promote a sense of unity: that we may all work together for the benefit
of all COPD Patients.


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