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Unless otherwise specified, the speakers listed here all have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) or are caregivers for COPDers.  They are living proof that being diagnosed with COPD is not a death sentence.  Their stories will help others learn such subjects as "What is is like to have COPD", "How to adjust to living with COPD", "How to communicate with doctors, families and friends", "Caring for a COPDer", "Causes of COPD", etc. 

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Speaker Travel Area Type or Size of Audience Theme(s) or Subject Material(s)
Anthony (Tony) Hamel Dallas/Ft Worth, TX , possible OK Any group - any size Quit Smoking
Lung Transplant
Living with COPD
Bonnie Chakravorty, Ph.D, MSW CHES Local (Southeast), Regional, National, International anywhere, but especially at major conferences, to medical students, others affected by COPD Living with COPD
Smoking cessation
Sex and COPD
Caregiving, pre and post transplant
Charles Eller Akron, Canton, Cleveland
Ohio - 50 mile radius
Any group, school or organization Living with COPD
What to ask your Doctor (making a llst of questions)
Chip Gatchell Northeastern U.S.
especially New England
Any group, school or organization "The Fork in the Road"- a discussion of the extra choices and decisions confronting the COPDer every day
Coping with COPD
"Keepin" on with Oxygen (Don't hide)
COPD is Not a Death Sentence
Danny Spurrier Piedmont &
Foothills of NC
Any group, school or organization Living With COPD
Exercise With COPD
Living With Supplemental Oxygen
COPD Treatments
Diana Patterson Anywhere Any group Basics of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency
Don W. SoderstromNew Mexico, Regional
and National
Schools, clubs, major conferences, etc. Smoking Prevention for our youth
What Smoking and Secondhand Smoke does to the human body
Learning how to live with COPD
Uniting COPDers to action.
Helene HorowitzNY, New  England, Washington, DC, etc Any group, school or organization Living With COPD
Taking Control of COPD/Empowering Yourself
Quitting Smoking; Pulmonary Rehab
Relationship with Physicians: Do Your Physicians Know it All? Know what they should know?  Getting Answers
Jackie Whitaker Atlantic coast of Canada small or large groups, and also the medical community, conferences Life with COPD After Diagnosis
Taking Control/Empowering Yourself
A Dr's Need to  Recognize Sooner When Patients Complain about
For Dr's.  "What's on the Minds of your COPD Patient"
Jean M. Rommes Iowa
and surrounding states
Any group Effect of diet and exercise on living with COPD
Partnering with your doc
Learn to control COPD instead of letting it control you
Karen Erickson Los Angeles, Ventura and
Santa Barbara Counties, CA
Any group Alpha one antitrypsin deficiency
Leanne DavisSouthwest - California,
Arizona, and New Mexico
Any group - large or small Living with COPD
Oxygen therapy: A patients perspective on compressed air and liquid
Types of tests administered, using medications, keeping a positive attitude
Liz Veronda Illinois Any group Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency
Lori PalermoNortheastern
luncheon Groups,
small clubs
Smokefree Living (quit smoking)
Caregiving for COPD patients
COPD Awareness to the public
How to live with COPD
Pam DeNardoFlorida Any size - Any type Living w/COPD
Importance of patient and public education, support and exercise
Importance of advocacy on every level
Robert Bolton Within U.S. 50 more or less Quit Smoking
Living with COPD
How to talk to your Doctor
Robert Campbell Florida Any Group Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency - Living with COPD

NOTE: The information provided here has been supplied by the speakers themselves.
Since the information is not verified by us, please do your own screening prior to selecting any speaker.
We are not responsible for any information provided by any speaker, nor are we responsible for the speaker's ability.
Please evaluate your speaker selections accordingly

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